Now Hiring for Affiliates & Sales Reps for Shadow Defense



Do you want to help us sell body armor and other tactical products and make commission from sales or Sales Rep sign-ups?

We are now accepting new affiliates & sales reps to help sell our products!

This is COMMISSION ONLY. So there is no hourly paycheck or salary, but that also means, you are your own boss! You can do it from home wearing pajamas if you want! You can work ANY TIME day or night!

Super easy to get started!

Sign up below, get approved, then we will provide a unique tracking link for you to share online usually within 1 to 24 hours!

When people click YOUR unique link that we give you and buy our product, you will get commission from those sales!

As an “affiliate” you will make 10% commission from selling our products on direct sales (that means anytime someone clicks YOUR unique link and buys from us! Total cost not including s&h or taxes) You will make 1% commission from sales of your sub-affiliates (those that sign up as affiliates also through your custom link we make for you.)


We also have SALES REPS positions available!!!!!!


After you become an “affiliate” FOR FREE by clicking the affiliate sign-up link on the bottom of this page, you can come back here to upgrade to a “Sales Rep.” on the Sales Rep sign-up link at the bottom of this page. There is a one-time fee of $20 for account creation IF you want to upgrade to “Sales Rep.” You will receive $5 for every other Sales Rep you recruit! You do not get any bonus for recruiting regular “affiliates” except for 1% commission from their sales. Remember, it is FREE to be and “affiliate.” 

So if you are ready to get serious about making money, I suggest you become a “Sales Rep” as soon as I accept you as an “affiliate!” Actually you can go ahead and fill out the affiliate sign-up form and immediately purchase the “Sales Rep Registration Package” on the link below for $20, you do not have to wait until I accept you into the affiliate program. But, within 1-24 hours I will accept your application and edit your account accordingly!

If you have already been accepted as an “affiliate” and you are ready to upgrade to a “Sales Rep” so you are eligible to earn $5 per sales rep sign up under you, then simply purchase this $20 Sales Rep Registration Package BY BY CLICKING HERE!

What if I get caught spamming?

If we get complaints that you are spamming on Facebook pages or groups or other places online, then we reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account and not pay out any commissions due.

How and When will I get paid?

We plan to send out commission payments on the 15th of each month as long as you have at least $100 in your account. (This is subject to change as we work out the affiliate program bugs) At this time, affiliates earn 10% and Sales Reps earn 10% from sales. You also earn 1% of sales from the person that you referred to be an affiliate or sales rep.

We have two methods of pay-out: PayPal and Bitcoin.

By default, we will send your payment to you using PayPal so please sign up using your PayPal email address. If you do not have PayPal, please sign up for a free PayPal account at

It is fast, free and secure. Also, please verify your PayPal account by attaching a bank account and debit/credit card to your account. This way, we know we are dealing with a verified PayPal member with a confirmed shipping address. You MUST have a verified account and confirmed address to be a member of our affiliate/sales rep program if we are using PayPal to send/receive money from you.

When it is time for pay-out, let me know if you want it issued as a money order. There is a $10 conversion fee for this service. Contact TJ at the Facebook group below to get you set up on that if you want.

If you would like to be paid via Bitcoin, please enter your Bitcoin wallet address on the affiliate sign up form. We are NOT responsible for lost money if you give us the wrong Bitcoin address. We are NOT responsible for fluctuations of the Bitcoin market. We reserve the right to deny Bitcoin as a form of payment at the time of payment.

Am I eligible to be an affiliate for Shadow Defense?

In order to be eligible you acknowledge and certify that:

1. You have not been convicted of a felony.
2. You have not been convicted of any other crime that would restrict your ability to purchase, sell, own or possess body armor or any other tactical gear on our site, under any applicable Local, State or Federal law, ordinance or restriction.
3. You will not use any body armor or other tactical gear from our site for any criminal purpose or sell to anyone else to do so.
4. You are over the age of 18.
5. You are a US citizen.

6. You agree that you and/or to the best of your knowledge that the person you are selling to will not buy, sell, trade, transport or use any of our products outside of the United States.

7. You pledge your allegiance to the United States of America.

8. You currently live, and will be selling our gear in the USA.

9. You are not a resident of, or live in Connecticut.

If you pass all that, then you can become an affiliate!

Are you ready to be an affiliate?

Then click the link below to visit our Affiliate Sign-Up page now!



Click here to become a Sales Rep & earn $5 per sales rep you get signed up under you!